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The Jewish Community Relations Council was born out of an urgent need to unify the voices of our community, following a self-assessment of American Jewry's response during the Holocaust. For more than 60 years, the JCRC has represented the organized Jewish community on major public affairs issues of vital concern to our community.

JCRC builds consensus on issues ranging from American support for Israel to civil rights, from quality public education to anti-Semitism, and represents those consensual views to the broader community through a robust education and advocacy program.

Over 60 years later, our JCRC - one of 125 nationwide - continues to engage in effective advocacy and build bridges of civility through dialogue, coalitions, education and social activism. Working together, across Jewish, other faith, ethnic and civic communities, JCRC strives to preserve the conditions under which Jews - as individuals and a community - can flourish here and abroad. JCRC pursues a just society and secure Jewish future.

We appreciate your support as advocates through your activism and financial support,

Rosalind Franklin
President, JCRC

Rabbi Doug Kahn
Executive Director, JCRC

JCRC Board of Directors

    Rosalind Franklin, President
    Michael Sweet, Vice President
    Hadara Stanton, Vice President and Secretary
    Paul Resnick, Treasurer

    Judy Bloom
    Jerilyn Gelt
    Richard Heiman
    Nicholas Josefowitz
    Robert Kane
    Howard Kleckner, M.D
    Mark Schickman
    Lenny Kristal
    Felice Zensius
    Eva Seligman Kennard
    Holly Ullman

JCRC Committee and Task Force Chairs

    Education Task Force: Bob Kane & Michael Sweet
    Development Committee: Eve Bernstein and Howard Kleckner, co-chairs
    Committee on Membership: Rosalind Franklin Jekowsky
    Intergroup Relations Committee: Judy Bloom and Dick Heiman, co-chairs
    Jewish Coalition for Literacy Advisory Committee: Susan Rothenberg
    Legislative Affairs Committee: Michael Ralston & Hadara Stanton
    Confronting Poverty Task Force: Betsy Baum-Block and Anne Quaintance,
    Middle East Policy Committee: Ruvim Braude

JCRC Past Chairs & Presidents
    1943   Jesse Steinhart*
    1946   Judge Milton Sapiro*
    1949   Jefferson Peyser*
    1952   Judge Albert Wollenberg*
    1954   Martin Rosenblatt*
    1956   Judge Lenore Underwood*
    1958   Sam Ladar*
    1960   Herbert Leland*
    1962   Justice Matthew Trobriner*
    1964   Reynold Colvin*
    1966   Edward Bransten*
    1968   Daniel Goldberg
    1970   Lawrence Goldberg
    1973   Richard Kaplan
    1975   Marian Lippman
    1977   Matthew Weinberg
    1979   Joyce Friedman
    1981   Jesse Feldman*
    1983   Theodore Seton*
    1985   Tanette Goldberg*
    1987   Andrew Colvin
    1989   Ephraim Margolin
    1991   Sandy Svetcov*
    1993   Michael Jacobs
    1995   Judith Chapman*
    1997   Mark Schickman
    1999   Daniel Grossman
    2002   David Steirman
    2004   Natalie Berg
    2006   Michael Futterman
    2008   Cheryl L. Feiner
    2010   Ruvim Braude

    * deceased

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