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Interfaith and Interethnic Relations
JCRC connects the Jewish community with the broader community, promoting inter-community understanding, respect, and cooperation. JCRC coalesces with a broad range of religious, ethnic, civic, and educational institutions on common causes. Some of our coalition efforts:
  • The Latino-Jewish Relations Committee aims to: create lasting relationships between these communities, build an understanding of shared interests and issues, and provide opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and learning.

  • The Abrahamic Traditions Series aims to: bring together Muslim, Jewish, and Christian community members for dinner dialogues, build relationships, and learn about shared values and divergent viewpoints.

  • The Multi-Cultural Passover Freedom Seders are exceptional annual traditions JCRC and its partners host around the Bay Area, bringing together diverse groups in celebration of our similar stories of freedom from bondage. At our seders, we share the story and customs of Passover and the story of the Jewish Exodus from Egypt with the broader community, and together commemorate freedom.
    The 2011 Seders will be held in San Francisco, Marin and on the Peninsula. More info for the SF Seder, contact Jessica Trubowitch, for the Marin Seder: Suzan Berns, and for the Peninsula Seder: Karen Stiller.
In addition, JCRC is involved in these important Interfaith Councils and dialogue programs:

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