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Consensus Statements

JCRC Guidelines on Reproductive Rights
March 23rd, 2013

The Jewish Community Relations Council has a strong interest in the subject of family planning and reproductive choice...

National Oil Independence
May 12, 2009

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Northern California of San Francisco supports development of a U.S. policy to achieve independence from imported oil...

Immigration Issues
May 12, 2009

Historically, the American Jewish community has supported generous and rational immigration laws and policies...

Religion and Elections
August 12, 2008

The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), representing nearly 80 synagogues and Jewish organizations, joins with the Anti Defamation League in expressing concerns about the growing prominence of religion as a part of the political election process...

JCRC Consensus Statement on the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process
November 13, 2007

The Jewish Community Relations Council continues its strong support of constructive efforts to achieve peace in the Middle East... Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program
May 8, 2007

The prospect of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons and obtaining the ability to launch missiles against countries throughout the Middle East, and even Europe, should alarm every American... Same-Sex Civil Marriage
February 14, 2006

One of the JCRC's core values is B'Tselem Elohim - the belief that all people are created in God's image and accordingly each person's life is of infinite value... Hamas Victory in Palestinian Elections
January 26, 2006

This is a sad day for peace... Israel's Disengagement Plan and the Future of the Peace Process
June 21, 2005

The Arab-Israeli conflict is often framed as a dispute over land between Israel and the Palestinians. This is only partially true... Atrocities and Urgent Human Rights Crisis in the Sudan
July 21, 2004

Over the last seventeen months an estimated 30,000 civilians have lost their lives in an ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing carried out by a government-backed Arab militia known as "Janjaweed", committed to wiping out the native black African inhabitants of the territory... Advocacy for Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries
December 9, 2003

Jews have been part of Middle Eastern culture and life for nearly 4,000 years, since the beginnings of Judaism... Iraq
January 14, 2003

The Metropolitan JCRC approved a Iraq. The statement was adopted after a 3-month deliberative process that included numerous opportunities to discuss the important issues... Proposition 47 - California Public Education Facilities Bond Act
October 8, 2002

JCRC supports quality public education for all pupils... 9/11 Terror Attack and Its Aftermath
October 23, 2001

We, along with all Americans, were horrified and saddened by the loss of innocent life inflicted by the terrorists' act of war against our nation on September 11... International Debt Relief and the Jubilee 2000 Campaign
September 12, 2000

Many poor countries in the developing world must pay back foreign debts incurred in decades past... The Knight Initiative (Proposition 22) and Discrimination Against Gay Men and Lesbians
February 8, 2000

Based upon our examination of the broader issues, we have decided to oppose Proposition 22... Joerg Haider
February 8, 2000

This shocking development has raised serious questions about the direction of Austria's government as it relates to both the past and the future... Gun Control and Gun Violence
October 12, 1999

Recent months have brought a sharp increase in high profile shootings around the country... International Human Rights
September 14, 1999

The safeguarding of international human rights is central to Jewish religious values and inextricably linked to American strategic values and interests... Religion and State in Israel: Community Objectives and Strategies of Engagement
June 8, 1999

In recent years, issues of religion and state have occupied an increasingly prominent place on the Israeli political and societal agenda... Kosovo Conflict
April 13, 1999

We are proud of the U.S. humanitarian response to date... Endorsing an Eruv in Palo Alto
August 31, 1998

The Jewish Community Relations Council endorses the efforts of the Palo Alto Community Eruv Corporation to build an Eruv in Palo Alto... Educational Vouchers
February 10, 1998

The JCRC opposes school voucher proposals and other methods of funding private school education with public funds... Jerusalem
May 13, 1997

The Jewish Community Relations Council continues its strong support of the Middle East peace process as outlined in the Oslo Accords... Domestic Violence
March 12, 1997

Domestic violence touches upon the lives of people from all socioeconomic levels, ethnic groups, sexual orientations, and religious groups, including the Jewish community... The California Civil Rights Initiative (Proposition 209)
June 25, 1996

The initiative, which will be on the November, 1996 ballot, would write into the California Constitution language which prohibits all gender and race-based preferences in the public arena... Affirmative Action
October 12, 1995

The Jewish community has a critical stake in and an historic commitment to the democratic principle of a pluralistic society with equal opportunity for every individual, and in the American ideal of measuring people on the basis of their individual merit rather than their group identity... Immigration Issues
September 14, 1993

The American Jewish community has long supported a liberal immigration policy, both because of modern Jewish historical imperatives and because the pluralistic nature of American society, which is rooted in our immigrant tradition, is good for the Jews... Israeli/Palestinian Agreement
September 14, 1993

We support the efforts of the negotiators on all sides who worked tirelessly to arrive at an initial IsraelilPalestinian agreement... Statement on Jonathan Pollard
October 13, 1992

With respect to Johnathan Pollard, now serving life in prison... Cultural Exchange
March 14, 1972

Most Americans support the concept of cultural exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union as a means to improve international understanding and the cause of world peace... Policy on 'Academically Talented'
December, 1971

...the strength of the schools depends in part on the support of all the parents of the city, who are properly concerned vith the diverse educational needs of their children, whatever they may be... Administrative Tenure
April, 1971

San Francisco has an unusual system of tenure built into its Charter for school administrators. Historically, it was created to forestall these administrative plans being used for political reasons... Soviet Jewry
March 9, 1971

The JCRC believes that every opportunity must be taken to actively keep the public spotlight on the problem of Soviet Jewry... Integration
May 18, 1970

The Jewish Community Relations Council has from the outset supported the objective of racial integration of San Francisco's public schools within a context of educational quality... Integration
March, 1969

The Jewish community has a historic stake in a)a strong public school system; b) a well-educated general citizenry; c) the reduction of interracial conflict and violence. The JCRe believes strongly that the reduction of racial imbalance in the schools is an indispensable element in all three of these goals... NLRA Coverage for California Agricultural Workers
September 10, 1968

The issue of equal rights under the law for farm laborers has great import in our community today... Education for All
March, 1967

Everybody who desires and who is qualified for a higher education should get it and economic disadvantage should not be allowed to stand in his way... Statement to the Curriculum Commission

The Jewish Community Relations Council of San Francisco having received over the years a small but steady stream of expressions of concern on this subject by parents of Jewish children attending public schools, urges the Curriculum Commission in reviewing song-books for use... Right of Protest and Dissent
October, 1966

The principle of the free expression of opinion and the right therefore to dissent is the cornerstone of the American democratic process... General Education
May 17, 1966

The Jewish Community is, of coure, made up of individual citizens, taxpayers and parents whose interests are as broad and whose viewpoints are generally as diverse as those of the total population... Integration
August 10, 1965

...the Jewish Community Relations Council is deeply troubled by the pervasive racial imbalance which exists in the San Francisco school system... The Jewish Community and the Public Schools
February, 1965

The Jewish community has a special stake in the American public school system. It is within this school system that a working American pluralism has been most effectively developed and tested... Proposition 14: Housing Discrimination
August, 1964

Proposition 14 would do more than wipe the state fair housing law off the books. It would freeze into the State Constitution a prohibition against any state or local public body ever doing anything about the problem of housing discrimination... Birmingham and Related Matters
May 1, 1963

The events in Birmingham have not revealed any new interracial problems; but they have dramatized some of the consequences of allowing our old problems to fester unsolved... First Amendment
July 30, 1962

We look with a deep concern on any attempt to tinker with the constitutional formula under which religious liberty has flourished in America as it has nowhere else in the world...

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