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About the Middle East Project

The State of Israel is central to modern Jewish identity. Its main language is Hebrew, its public culture is Jewish, national holidays celebrate Jewish festivals and historical events, and the national debate is focused on the fate of the Jewish people. In its 60 years of existence, Israel has become home to the largest and strongest Jewish community in the world.

Nearly twenty percent of the total Israeli population - over one million people - is comprised of non-Jewish citizens, including Muslim and Christian Arabs, Bedouin, and Druze who are full citizens with full civil and political rights protected by law. No other state in the Middle East grants and protects such freedoms to its minority citizens. At the same time, social and economic disparities do exist between Israel's Jewish and Arab citizens.

Israel is also in conflict with some of its neighbors, some of whom wish to see Israel destroyed. Israel is at peace with two important neighbors - Egypt and Jordan - while pursuing peace with other neighbors, particularly the Palestinians.

Through its Middle East Project, JCRC advocates on behalf of Israel and for a just peace by:

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