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Take Action for Israel

The Middle East Project works daily to protect the interests of the Jewish community as it supports Israel and promotes a strong relationship between the U.S. and Israel.

We encourage you to take action for Israel as well:

As Israeli civilians and soldiers continue to face the danger of incessant rocket attacks, we encourage you to take action to show our community's support for the people of Israel during this difficult time.


    1. Call or write to your Member of Congress. 

    Encourage your local Congressperson to make a public statement in support of Israel and its right to defend its civilians from rocket fire and terror. 

    Click here to find the phone numbers of your Representative and Senators. Please go to your Representative's and Senators' websites to send an email.

    2. Submit letters to the editor. 
    Monitor your local newspapers' coverage of the conflict, and write letters to show solidarity with Israel. In the event of biased or inaccurate reporting, be sure to correct inaccuracies from the report you are responding to in your letter. 

    Contact information for local newspapers:
    Bay Area Reporter: news@ebar.com with "letter to the editor" in subject line
    Oakland Tribune: http://www.insidebayarea.com/feedback/tribune
    Press Democrat: letters@pressdemocrat.com
    San Francisco Chronicle: http://www.sfgate.com/submissions/ 
    San Francisco Examiner: http://posting.sfexaminer.com/sanfrancisco/ContactUs/Page
    San Jose Mercury: letters@mercurynews.com 

    3. Show your support on #socialmedia
    Post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms and show your solidarity with the people of Israel. Please be sure to thank elected officials who have publicly stated their support for Israel on social media. 

    Sample Tweet: 
    The Bay Area Jewish community stands with #Israel, prays for peace, and hopes there is no more loss of innocent life on either side

    4. Contribute to the "Stop the Sirens" and "Stand with Israel" Emergency Funds 
    The San Francisco Based Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund and the Jewish Federation & The Jewish Community Foundation of the East Bay have joined with the Jewish Federations of North America in opening an emergency fund to provide aid and alleviate the pain and suffering of Israelis living in harm's way. Your donation will provide care for home-bound elderly and disabled adults during this time of terror, respite for tens of thousands of children fleeing rocket attacks, and crisis counseling for Israelis who are in need of relief. Please visit the San Francisco JCF's website at https://my.jewishfed.org/pages/StopTheSirens and The East Bay JCF website at: http://www.jfed.org/standwithisrael/ for more information. 

    Here are some examples of additional groups working to support Israeli civilians and soldiers fighting in the IDF: 

    The Lone Soldier Center in memory Michael Levin is dedicated to creating a foundation of support and provide guidance, community, and family for lone soldiers serving in the IDF. For more information: http://lonesoldiercenter.com/

    Thank Israeli Soldiers provides care packages as well as empowering lectures, seminars and weekend experiences for Israeli Soldiers. For more information visit the website at: http://www.thankisraelisoldiers.org/

    Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) provides for education and well being of the men and women who serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as well as the families of fallen soldiers. For more information visit: http://www.fidf.org/ 

    American Friends of Natal (AFN) helps strengthen NATAL's important work with thousands of Israelis who suffer from trauma due to terrorism and war. AFN helps fund NATAL's Clinical Center, Help Line, Social Therapeutic Club and Community Outreach Unit, all of which assist many on their paths' towards emotional and psychological recovery from traumas caused by terrorism, war and military service. For more information visit: http://www.afnatal.org/ 

    Mothers Helping Soldiers is a local initiative spearheaded by Jan Reicher, that is raising money to help Israeli moms help IDF soldiers on the ground. The Israeli mothers are delivering basic supplies such as deodorant, wipes, underwear, socks and snacks to IDF soldiers in the South, as well as collecting the soldiers' laundry-having it washed and returned to them. To donate and for more information visit: 

    5. Reach out to your friends outside the Jewish community. 
    Tell them about Israel beyond the headlines and provide them with accurate, factual information about the context and history of the current crisis.

    6. Contact your friends and family in Israel. 
    Send photos, news clippings and statements from our community exhibiting our strong support during this trying time.

    7. Talk about Israel with your community. 
    Contact JCRC at dmahrer@jcrc.org if you would like to bring a speaker or Israel education program to your synagogue or community. 

    Thank you for your activism. 

Israel Resources
    Here are informational talking points and a background document on Hamas that you can read and pass on to friends and family.

    Talking Points
    Hamas Background

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