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News & Media

JCRC, in its consensus building work, strives to be the voice of the organized Jewish Community and is thus a valuable resource for reporters looking for background and responses on issues. Our public positions on various issues help to guide media towards a clearer understanding of our perspectives on matters of importance to our community and to the broader community. Read on to:

  • find articles about JCRC's work in the community

  • read statements we have put out to the media on a multitude of issues

  • explore our media gallery to watch and listen to lectures from a variety of educators, experts and more.

I sleep better at night knowing that whenever JCRC is called to address a major issue its response will be quick and effective. I sleep better at night knowing how much more secure all of us are because of a strong and active JCRC.

Joelle Steefel, Jewish community leader

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