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As a bridge building consensus organization, JCRC works collaboratively across communities on issues of universal concern.
San Francisco Bay Area Darfur Coalition
    JCRC helped to co-found the San Francisco Bay Area Darfur Coalition to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Sudan. SDC works to raise awareness in the community on the issue and to advocate for an end to the genoicde which has claimed close to a half million civilian lives.

    Visit www.darfursf.org to learn more about the crisis, what SDC is doing in our community, and how you can get involved with other Bay Area activists.

    Click here to learn about related events with the SDC, or contact JCRC at mchurchon@jcrc.org.

Confronting Poverty Taskforce
    The JCRC Confronting Poverty Taskforce was created with the goal of reducing poverty in the Bay Area through JCRC advocacy, education, and inspiring individual action. Taskforce members participate in planning community awareness events, service opportunities, and advancing an anti-poverty advocacy agenda.

    Contact: Jtrubowitch@jcrc.org

Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights
The Jewish Coalition to End Human Trafficking
    A coalition committed to broadening the community's understanding and awareness of human trafficking - both globally and locally - and working towards its end.

    JCRC's coalition partners include: The National Council of Jewish Women, San Francisco Section; Jewish Family and Children's Services; and New Israel Fund.

    Read "J" article on human trafficking: Don't sweep human trafficking under the rug.

    What is Human Trafficking?
    Human Trafficking is a series of steps in which a woman, man or child is recruited at home and moved to a distant place through deception, fraud or violence for the purpose of forced labor, slavery or servitude.

    Who is Trafficked?
    Individuals who are:

    • Mostly undereducated, illiterate and of the lower-class
    • often from rural areas
    • often young and hard working
    • economically depednent on the smuggler for the family back home
    • conditioned to be subordinate and accept authority and often believe the smuggler is helping
    • "legal" or undocumented

    Working Conditions

    • Long hours of working and wages withheld
    • Documents confiscated, such as passport
    • Complete isolation, including controlling victim's movements, relationships and housing
    • Threats including harm to family members back home and deportation

    Is Trafficking a Problem in the Bay Area?

    • Globally, there are 700,000 to 2 million people trafficed every year
    • In the US, there are 18,000 to 100,000 trafficked annualy
    • California has become a major entry point for traffickers and victims
    • Approximately 43% of indentified cases in California were in the Bay Area

    What Can Be Done About It?

    • Over the past few years, awareness of the issue has started building
    • It can be addressed on multiple levels - through legislation, education and awareness and law enforcement
    • Report suspected instances of trafficking or worker exploitation to your local police department, San Jose Police Department's Human Trafficking Task Force Hotline at 1-866-443-6733, or the FBI
    • National Human Trafficking Resource Center 1-888-373-7888

    Information provided by the South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking.

    To learn more about the Jewish Coalition to End Human Trafficking, contact JCRC at jtrubowitch@jcrc.org

Other Coalition Efforts
    JCRC engages with other community partners as well, such as the Latino and African American communities. Learn about these efforts by visiting our Community Outreach section.

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