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Ethiopian Jewry
    JCRC Involvement: 1983
    The San Francisco-based and East Bay JCRCs launch an education and advocacy campaign on Ethiopian Jewry. JCRC convenes the Jewish advocacy groups to develop effective consciousness and fundraising strategies. A small delegation brings medicine, religious books and money, and takes photographs documenting the lives of this population. Once home, they organize photograph exhibits and slide shows to raise awareness, and send the exhibits to eleven states for similar presentations. A few years later, delegation members visit an Ethiopian absorption village in Israel, where Jews are being resettled after traveling on foot to the Sudan, where Israel conducts airlifts and brings them to safety.

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South Africa
    JCRC Involvement: June 1985
    JCRC deliberates on the Kennedy-Gray bill on South Africa, and determines there is consensus in the Bay Area Jewish community to support the bill because of its strong opposition to apartheid in South Africa. JCRC Chair Tanette Goldberg says "This Jewish community urges Congress to pass the Kennedy-Gray bill, which would bar new investments, including bank loans by any American in South Africa." The bill provides exceptions to this ban should South Africa reach specific benchmarks and objectives for progress in social equality. JCRC engages in an education and advocacy effort on the bill, apartheid, the inaccuracies about charges of Israeli support for South Africa, and Israel's efforts related to strangling the racist apartheid system.
    JCRC Statement: June 1985
    Jewish Community Supports Kennedy/Gray Measure on Apartheid

    The organized Jewish Community of San Francisco, the Peninsula and Marin and Sonoma Counties has expressed support of the Kennedy/Gray bill on South Africa, and the principles which it espouses...

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    JCRC Involvement: August 2004
    JCRC leads the Bay Area's effort to educate the local community about the plight of persecuted Muslims and other non-Arab minorities in the Darfur region of Western Sudan. JCRC gathers coalition partners in other ethnic and faith communities to educate their constituents through news stories, action alerts, sermons from the pulpit, and small parlor meetings where fundraising occurs to assist in the relief effort. JCRC organizes a rally to demonstrate against the genocide in Sudan, and brings a Sudanese refugee, Cambodian and Armenian, Catholic and Protestant, African-American and Jewish, and other community leaders to speak out about the humanitarian crisis.

    To learn more about the San Francisco Bay Area Darfur Coalition and current local efforts to stop the genocide in the Sudan, click here.
    JCRC Statement: July 1, 2004
    Atrocities and Urgent Human Rights Crisis in the Sudan

    Over the last seventeen months an estimated 30,000 civilians have lost their lives in an ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing carried out by a government-backed Arab militia known as "Janjaweed", committed to wiping out the native black African inhabitants of the territory...

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